Oreo Plant Pot Mini Cheesecakes

Mmmm Oreos! Who doesn’t like Oreos?!

If you don’t, I feel sorry for you because you won’t be able to enjoy this delicious recipe. But, as you’ve clicked on this post I’m going to assume you love them as much as I do.

Mini Oreo cheesecake plant pots

I’ve been wanting to make an Oreo cheesecake for a while, but I’d been struggling to think of a creative way to decorate the top. Then, as luck would have it, I came across these bonnie, little, silicone plant pot cupcake cases yesterday, whilst I was aimlessly wandering around Dunelm with my mother.


They reminded me of Oreo plant cakes I had seen on Re & Fort’s Instagram, a garden café situated in Indonesia. Which inspired (slash overexcited) me to make my own Oreo Plant Pot Mini Cheesecakes.

This recipe makes six Oreo Plant Pot Mini Cheesecakes. If you don’t own these miniature silicone plant pots try using large, brown / orange, cupcake cases and a muffin tin, remember your batch may vary in size so allow for extra ingredients to decorate.


For Base:

  • 8 Oreos
  • 2 tbsp of unsalted butter

For Filling:

  • 100 grams of soft/cream cheese
  • 3 tbsp of icing sugar
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 250 ml of double cream, chilled

For Decoration:

  • 8 Oreos
  • 6 sprigs of mint
  • 6 lolly sticks



  • Step 1: Place 8 Oreos in a mixing bowl or a large zip lock bag. Use the end of a rolling pin to crush the oreos into a fine crumb.


  •  Step 2: Place the unsalted butter in a microwavable bowl, heat on full power for 5 seconds, take it out and stir. Repeat this process until the butter it completely melted.


  • Step 3: Add the melted butter into the crushed Oreo cookies and mix it all together.


  • Step 4: Evenly distribute the buttery cookie mix between the six silicone plant pots and pack it down gently using a teaspoon. Then place them on to a small baking tray and put them into the fridge to set, whilst you make the cheesecake filling.


  • Step 5: Add the chilled double cream into a large mixing bowl. Using a whisk (preferably an electric one, otherwise this step will take you some time), whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks.


  • Step 6: Add the soft cheese, icing sugar and vanilla extract into the same bowl as the whipped cream and fold together.


  • Step 7: Remove the silicone plant pots from the fridge, and distribute the cream cheese filling evenly, using a soup spoon and a tea spoon. Don’t worry about smoothing the tops out of the cheesecakes too much because in step 9 you will be covering them. Now lick your spoons, whisk and/or spatular, just to check it tastes right, of course 😉


  • Step 8: Place the silicone pots back in the fridge for 4 hours or over night to set.


  • Step 9:  Once the cheesecakes are set repeat step 1 – Place 8 Oreos in a mixing bowl or a zip lock bag, use the end of a rolling pin or kitchen utensil of your choice, to crush the Oreos into a fine crumb.

Crushed oreos

  • Step 10Spoon the crushed Oreo cookies onto the top of each of your mini cheesecakes, don’t flatten the biscuits you want it to be crumbly so it looks like soil. Make sure the cheesecake filling is completely covered.

Plant pot cheesecakes

  • Step 11: Place one sprig of mint in the middle of each mini cheesecake. For added effect, write “Oreo Cheesecake” on 6 lolly pops and insert into each cheesecake. And there you have it, 6 Oreo Plant Pot Mini Cheesecakes.

Oreo plant pot cheesecakes

I hope you enjoy making and eating these edible plant pot cheesecakes!

B x

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